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On Sunday, May 26th we gathered in the lower hall of St. John's to experience the continuation of our Forest Garden workshops.  
Cheney Creamer, our resident horticultural therapy specialist, walked us through the experience of imagining ourselves as ground cover, protectors, comforters and those who shelter each other.  
Among the native plants Cheney had brought to add to our Forest Garden we learned more about how Indigenous people managed the forests of our area before settlers arrived, and how mother nature sees open soil as a wound, eager to cover it with small spreading plants to protect the soil.  
We heard wisdom from local forester, Tony Richmond how to tell the qualities of a soil by what trees are thriving in an area. 
After a light lunch and conversation we headed out into the garden to plant the ground cover in our beautiful garden which is looking so very loved.  
It is a joy to see young and old working together, we had ages two to ninety one sharing in the fun.  
We are grateful for the weaving of spirit and community this project has brought us and welcome you all to join us for our final session with Cheney on Saturday, June 8th from 10:30 til 12:00 noon where we will witness the blessing of our Forest Garden and gain more insights into how this space will create a place of nurture for our community.