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O God, bless our families.
Bless parents who are on edge balancing parenting and work responsibilities.
Bless those who feel isolated and alone without childcare supports.
Bless parents who are physically and mentally drained.
Bless those who are unable to find or afford safe housing and stable jobs.
Bless those giving it their all to approach this time with creativity and compassion.
Bless children who feel the uncertainty of these days most acutely.
Bless those living in unsafe home environments.
Bless young people who are missing friends and gatherings.
Bless teens who grieve the loss of graduation celebrations, who have delayed further education and work opportunities, and who are waiting for driver’s tests.
Bless families facing financial insecurity, struggling to put food on the table.
Bless all experiencing anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges.
Bless those waiting for vaccinations and tests, worried about staying or recovering well.
Bless families to express warmth, caring, patience, forgiveness, and love toward one another.
Bless them to know it’s okay to not be okay, and to reach out for support.
Bless them with the peace and grace of your holy spirit.
Bless them to know they aren’t alone.