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St. John’s financial situation at the end of March

We give thanks to all of you who continue to make donations to St. John’s so that we can continue to pay our staff and know that our church awaits us once this quarantine is lifted. Total operating expenses are being kept to a minimum with Keeping the Lights On expenses $660 below budget; Letting our Lights Shine expenses $1,875 below budget; and total staff compensation $2,118 below budget. 

Two bright notes: contributions to the building fund increased in March by $1,230 to $4,500 YTD, which allowed us to do some work, especially painting the stairwell to the Lower Hall and the Building Fund now has a net fund gain of $2,145; and we were able to send $3,300 to Mission & Service for the work our church does around the world.

Thank you for all you do and for all you are in our St. John’s community.


For the month of March                       Budget                Actual

Revenue                                                       $11,640              $11,940

Expenses                                                      $13,370              $11,590

Excess (Deficit) for March                   ($1,730)                $350

Shortfall at end of 1st Quarter          ($ 6,600)            ($ 3,456)