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What is the role of M & P?  Who are we?

The Ministry and Personnel (M & P) Committee at St John's United Church acts under the guidelines of The Manual of The United Church of Canada.  The committee functions around three roles, which are the consultative and supportive role, the healthy relationships role, and the supervisory role.

We provide resources and support for the staff and the congregation with respect to any issue affecting staff of our church, including the minister and lay employees.

We work to build positive and trusting relationships between staff and members and adherents of our community.

If members of the congregation have praise or concerns about staff, both the minister and lay employees, we invite you to have a conversation with any member of M & P.  The issues will be held in confidence by the M & P Committee who will work with you to decide next steps.

St John's United Church is blessed with staff who are committed to their work and we are thankful for this work in our community of faith.

Presently serving on the committee are.
Ellen Smith
Maureen Clayton
Patricia Baker
Sue Lamb
Brian Smith

We also have a confidential email for use as well. Contact us at [email protected]