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In the Narthex is a tree with paper ornaments.  Each ornament has a number of small papers pinned to the back describing a regular cost or task of opening the church to the community, for regular worship and for supporting our many ministries.  

We invite folks to consider giving a gift to the church that supports these activities and services.  There are invitations to give gifts of time and service, and possibilities of gifts of money, ranging from $20 to $400 and many amounts in between.

The possible gifts are identified as follows:

Stars:  Gift of Hospitality and Outreach   eg. Cookies and Coffee or Davis Bay School Lunch Program

Bells:  Gifts of Communication  eg. bulletin supplies, monthly internet fees

Doves:  Gifts of cleanliness and safety  eg. Cleaning Supplies and Insurance

Gingerbread People:  Gifts of Service, Time & Effort  eg. weeding the Memorial Garden, setting up for coffee hour

Gingerbread People with faces & buttons:  Gifts of Service suitable for children to offer  eg, carrying hymn books back to rack at the end of the service, bringing cookies to donate for coffee time

Choose a gift to offer.  Write your name, phone number and the amount of your gift on the slip of paper.  Place the paper and donation (or pledge for the donation) in an envelope in the box at the base of the tree.  Write St. John's Gift Tree on the outside of the envelope and place it back in the box.

Thank you for offering a gift to St. John's in this Season of Joy and Generosity.