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Our symbol for Lent this year is the teardrop/raindrop.  A sign of repentance, covenant-making and renewal, it is a reminder of the rain AND the rainbow, of Eden, the first garden and Gethsemane, the garden of the Resurrection.

The Worship & Arts Team have crafted a tiny token to share this Lenten season.  Made of burlap (sackcloth symbol of repentance) backed with purple felt (the color of Lent) and graced with a tear-shaped bead, this postage-stamp sized prayer aide will be attached to a Lent/Easter brochure and delivered to church members locally.  

You are invited to use this little token as a focus for reflection in Lent --a reminder that if we are open to it, God’s grace can renew every part of our lives.

The brochure (available below for downloading) has information about the Bible readings and Lent/Easter service times: