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How are you doing with COVID?     

It's been said of COVID-19 that we're all in the same storm but we're not in the same boat.      

Every one of us deals with social isolation and this pandemic differently.    

Two months ago when this all started, I couldn’t make sense of people’s words—it was just “blah, blah, blah.” There seemed to be far too many words.    

And then I learned that I wasn’t alone in my experience when I tuned in to one of the Sechelt Hospital Foundation’s Med Talks.  My frontal brain was in survival mode, and extraneous information just wasn’t getting sorted and filed.    

Other topics the Med Talks have been covering in this COVID series are frustration, anger, loneliness, and fear.  I appreciate Dr. Rahul Gupta’s practical suggestions to listen to our feelings and how to calm them.    

The next Med Talk is on Tuesday, May 26, at 2:00 p.m. about how to navigate reintegration—how to begin stepping out of quarantine.  For this live session and other recorded sessions, go to      

We are in this together. For personal support or pastoral care, contact us at

We hope we see you on our Sunday Zoom--another great way of connecting and making sense of the world we're in. 

~ Bern Richards

Photo submitted by Ian and Cathy Poole