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Holy Zoom Manners

As we get used to “zooming” in these strange COVID days, there are a few things we can all do to make our shared experience even better.

Please mute your microphone unless you want to speak. There will be “open speaker” times in our gathering when you will then unmute your microphone.
On an iPad or mobile phone, the speaker is on a bar at the top of your screen; on a desktop/laptop, you can mute your audio by clicking the microphone icon on the ribbon at the bottom of the screen or by clicking Alt-A. 

If you need to walk around during our time together, please turn off your video.
On an iPad or cel phone, the video icon is at the top of your screen, “stop video”. On your desktop/laptop, turn off your video camera on the ribbon at the bottom of your screen. 

You can watch in active speaker mode or gallery mode.
Speaker mode will fill your screen with the person who is speaking, while Gallery will allow you to see up to nine people on your screen.
On an iPad/mobile phone, the control looks like a grid or a head and is in the upper left corner of the Zoom window. If you don’t see it, tap your screen for it to appear. You can toggle back and forth between Active Speaker and Gallery Mode.
On a desktop/laptop, it is in the upper right corner, and you can toggle between the grid and single speaker. In gallery mode, you’ll see a yellow border around the one who is speaking. 

Come and enjoy visiting with each other in the ways that we can. Together we are church.