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Twenty-two comfy, cozy, colourful quilts were dedicated during Sunday's worship service and delivered to First United Church on the Downtown Eastside, Vancouver, to be presented to patrons who are eligible for approved housing.  St. John's Quilters and Friends meet during the winter months at St. John's to sew these beautiful gifts of love and have provided possibly 200 quilts over the years!

Added - April 12, 2019

Below is a copy of the letter received from the Shelter Case Planner at First United Church in response to the recent delivery of quilts:

Dear St. John's United Church,  

I have been working at First United Church for 7 years and have been actively involved in case management and placing our residents and community members into housing.  Part of that housing piece is to allow folks to choose a handmade quilt to take with them.  You wouldn't believe the different ways your quilts are being lovingly used.  Some are used as bedding, when others are used as wall hangings, table covers and area rugs.  They bring a sense of love and care to people who leave our shelter and add colour and vibrancy to their otherwise neutral rooms.

Quilts have gone to all kinds of different homes and different people.  They have been given to men, women and even children.  Although children don't stay in our shelter, I have several clients who I have placed in housing with children who have never been able to give their child a quilt.  One of our former residents said, "It means so much to me that someone cared enough about us to give us this quilt.  I keep mine on my bed and use it every day; it's one of my most cherished items.  It's hard when you have no one and then you get a handmade gift and you feel loved."

Often our community is never given a choice, they willingly accept what they are given.  The quilt program allows folks to actually choose the colour and style that they like.  They make for a wonderful parting gift.

Thank you for your care and hard work.

Shelter Case Planner, First United Church