Earth Day Celebrations

We were surrounded by beauty at St. John's on Earth Sunday.  As the trees outside were in full blossom, part of Creation's natural tapesty of spring, the sanctuary was also full of colour via songs of thanksgiving for our earth and through these amazing works of art!  

Fourteen beautiful quilts made by the St. John's Quilters and Friends were blessed before they were taken to First United Church in Vancouver's downtown Eastside.  Over the next few months the quilts will be given to folk who are moving from living on the streets into a home of their own.  The quilts carry our congregation's hopes and prayers that in their new homes the recipients will be blessed with safety, caring and love.  

What cause for celebration!  We have so much to be thankful for!  Love manifests itself in many ways!

As we care for Creation and each other, what a beautiful world this can be!