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As we continue our journey through our time of transition, we are living into the following prayer:

One more step along the road we go, O God, trusting in you to hear us, and to strengthen us, and to guide us home.  

We’re only here because we’ve left some things behind; things that were too heavy to carry, things we don’t need any more, things that had worn thin or broken, things that had left us prematurely.  

We’re here with only the treasures we cannot give up: courage and faith; giving and receiving; the satisfaction of past achievements; freedom to ask questions; the joy of singing and being on the road together – such joy that even the mountains and the hills break forth and sing along with us.  

In the here and now we are scared and overwhelmed. Old, safe familiar ways exist only in memory. Glimpses of the way ahead reveal many choices. How will we know the right one? Who will accompany us as we go forward, step by step, moment by moment, into a future unknown?  

In the depths of our being we understand our ancestors’ prayer: “Lead, kindly light, amidst the encircling gloom; lead thou us on.”  

When our steps falter and our faith wavers let us lean on you. Let us lean into what we believe to be true, and let us give thanks:            

     For elders in our midst who we see are smiling, even as they hold fast to faith and welcome with open arms the changes that are upon us.  

     For open hearts, and holy conversations that cut beneath the inadequacy of words, in which it is right and good to wrestle, and discern, and find common ground.            

     For times when we walk in confidence with one another, knowing support on the one hand and accountability on the other.              

     For tears and laughter, for unknowing and certainty, for the pursuit of justice and the sharing of peace.

     For the call of Christ to be friends rather than servants, and for this community of faith that lets us practice what that means.            

For “so long thy power hath blest us, sure it still will lead us on.” Keep us travelling along with you, O God, as we traverse the narrow path from the old to the new, and find fulfillment in your holy promise.