Beauty Abounds!

What an inspiring experience it was to visit the St. John's Artists' Art Show, June 15th & 16th and to witness the beauty in the works of the sixteen artists represented!  From water colour scenes of our local environment to vibrant oil floral depictions to colourful recreations of BC wildlife specimens, sketching and mixed media, the pieces displayed were a treat for the eyes, reflecting the beauty of creation and the human spirit.

Over 120 guests came out to this year's Art Show to lend their support.  $150 was generated from the sale of gently used art items and an additional amount of $200 was donated to the church by the artists.

The St. John's Artists gather together every Thursday afternoon to share ideas and to support and encourage one another in their creative endeavours.  They will be taking a break from the church environment over the summer and heading out on sketching outings each Thursday afternoon. We look forward to having them in our midst again at St. John's in September!