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Dear ones,

This new month brings new ways of being in the world, and some of what we’ve known has been forever changed. The collective commitment to health and safety of one another over the course of the pandemic has empowered friends, families and communities to be closer together again – yet we’re discovering this brings it’s own challenges of anxiety and confusion. The revealing of unmarked graves that has come from the intentional listening to and sharing of residential school and assimilation trauma has shifted the Settler way of understanding truth, reconciliation that brings us closer together, yet also with anxiety and confusion. It seems there is so much to be unsure about.

Today we offer A Prayer for the Day After Canada Day from the president of the Pacific Mountain Regional Council, Rev Blair Odney as a way for you to pause in the routine this day and find a moment for guided reflection. May it ease worry and bring comfort, held in the ever-with-us enduring Love of God.

In addition to our prayers for the people of Lyttton, other communities that have been evacuated and those who are living with the tension of wild fire or flooding being too close for comfort, we lift up the swift responsiveness of emergency responders and leaders in all communities challenged by wildfires and flooding.

A Prayer for the Day After Canada Day (PDF)

PMRC staff and leaders