We have adopted a Board – Team approach to governance with designated responsibilities assigned to distinct Teams and a Church Board that acts to coordinate activities, and liaise with the wider church.  

The Church Board consists of a chairperson, a vice chair, a past chair, a secretary, the minister and one representative from each of the teams below.  Most teams meet monthly, as does the Board.      

The teams are:

Letting Our Light Shine (LOLS), with responsibility for overseeing the spiritual life of the congregation.

Keeping the Lights On (KLO), with responsibility for financial operations, building and grounds.

Worship and the Arts Team who, with the Minister and musicians, plans the worship services.

Ministry and Personnel (M and P), with responsibility for ensuring healthy relationships between the staff and the congregation.  

Trustees, who hold in trust all church assets, manage the memorial fund, ensure that the building is safe and in good repair, and arrange for appropriate property and liability insurance.

Recent news updates from the Board and minutes from Church Board Meetings are kept in the church office and are available on request.


Current St. John's United Church Board Members are:

Board Chair - Sue Lamb
Vice Chair - vacant
Board Secretary - Shirley Jackson
Keeping the Lights On Team Chair - Ian Poole
Letting Our Lights Shine Team Chair - Shirley Jackson
Ministry & Personnel Chair - Cheryl Palm
Chair of Trustees - Thomas Kern
Worship & the Arts Co-Chairs - Cathy Poole & Marilyn Butt