The Energy Works Group 

This group offers an energy based healing process derived from the Christian tradition.  The practitioners are local and trained in the modality by qualified teachers associated with the Naramata Healing Pathway and Healing Touch International.  We recognize that we are not the healers.  The healing energy flows through us as we work with the client.  We believe the work is grounded in the Spirit and not restricted to any one faith group or practice.  

What is Healing?

The verb "to heal" comes from the old English word "Haelen" = to make whole.  Healing into wholeness is a transforming experience of one's whole being - mind, body and spirit.  Curing is something done from the outside.  Healing is a process that we enter into from the inside.

What is Healing Touch?

The basic understanding of energy healing is that our body is composed of energy fields and a state of health is present when all the fields are in sync with one another.  Healing touch is a process that incorporates the use of gentle hand movement to balance the energy fields.  It is not a cure or used instead of medical care.  It is meant as a complementary approach to other health care disciplines.

What is it like to receive Healing Touch?

As a recipient of healing touch, you may sit in a chair or lie on a massage table fully clothed.  The practitioner will move her hands around your body or apply a gentle touch if that is comfortable for you.  This is your session and you are in control of the experience.  Family members are welcome and may be present or take part if they wish.

Healing Touch can be used for many experiences and health issues that occur in our lives:

  • health maintenance
  • health crisis
  • pre/post operative
  • during palliative care
  • during chemo/radiation therapy
  • grief process
  • pain and injury recovery
  • childbirth
  • relaxation
  • self-awareness

Please note that we will not be doing "table" work due to COVID restrictions.  However, we will offer “distant healing” - the concentrated focus of directed energy - to anyone who requests this.  It functions on the understanding of Quantum physics where “energy follows intent.”  Another way to describe this work is Intercessory Prayer!  Requests may be directed to Patricia Baker via the church office.